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J.S. & The Lockerbillies

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J.S. & The Lockerbillies

J.S. & The Lockerbillies

Some people like to rock, some people like to roll, but amovin’ and agroovin’s gonna satisfy your soul! J.S along with his fantastic Lockerbillies are goin’ to rock your socks off!! With a collection of cult classics, shaking show-stoppers and rocking rollers from the golden age of jiving, Josh Locke and his terrific trio bring you a show like no other.

With full dead ringer sets of Johnny Cash, Elvis, Buddy Holly and many many more the J.S & the Lockerbillies experience brings you a full night of bopping for all ages! Ideal for your let your hair down conferences, birthday parties, Christmas capers, wedding and engagement hootenannies, themed throwbacks and everything in between. So get your rug cutting shoes out, slick back that hair or pull out that polka dot dress, cause it’s about to rock and it’s about to roll! Almost as soon as Josh Locke and Murray Collins start playing their music they quickly draw a crowd and the mood lifts in Felixstowe town centre. The duo – who make up part of up-and-coming band J.S and the Lockerbillies – recently brought their particular style of music to the high profile Glastonbury Festival.

It’s a huge coup for the Felixstowe-based band.

Murray said: “We play a lot locally, which we love, but it is great to be able to expand our audience and it is brilliant to be able to play at somewhere like Glastonbury.”

Usually seen in venues such as The Swan in Ipswich, where The Lockerbillies have a residency, the Hand in Hand in Trimley, the Orwell Hotel in Felixstowe as well as a busy private gig diary, J.S and The Lockerbillies are making a name for themselves on the Suffolk music scene. Josh and Murray have been making music together since they were teenagers at school.

Now 26, they are both as passionate as ever about their music. Josh said: “Growing up, I played the clarinet, the saxophone and the cornet, and tried different instruments. “I listened to an air guitar album and when I was 11 I got a guitar for my birthday. I’ve been playing ever since.” Having formed his first band when he was 13, Josh said music was a big part of his childhood.

He added: “Music is a massive part of my life. When you are growing up, music is an easy release and a way of expressing yourself.”. Murray and Josh are joined by drummer James Hicks and Rich Webb – who plays “everything else” – to make up the full Lockerbillies line-up

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